Dog Wash Bag

For when adventures become a bit muddy or an overnight stay is required.


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This handy little kit in a splash proof bag allows you to take your necessary wash products for you and your dog in travel size. The pack contains a lot of items 100ml bottles, 18ml pot, pumps to fit 100ml bottles, spatulas, funnels and Body puff.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't put a price on safety! great quality! I bought this as a gift to a friend who has been struggling to find a safety harness that fits her dog (a labradoodle) properly. This worked a charm and my friend is thrilled! It is fully adjustable and her dog doesnt seem to mind it at all or tried to chew it off, and after a short time, she hasnt tried to come out of it as she has every other harness. She uses it for both car and exercise. Great product and well worth the money!
- Av. C

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