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The Dogplex™ Harness Set is NOT the same as other harnesses. Scroll down to view video to see for yourself  how different Dogplex is and why your calm traveller may be safer in a product from Benoxer than any other harness. Set includes Harness, attachment arms and belt for use on back or front seat.

The next generation of Patented Premium exercise & travel safety harness by road, land, sea or air.
Multi point attachment increasing safety comfort and support.
Trialed, field tested using strength tested components.
Combining padded panels on a fully adjustable harness for comfort.
Significant reduction of travel sickness, and stress for both pet and owner
There when your animal needs it most.
Shipping from ONLY £4.99.



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The Dogplex™ Harness Set is NOT the same as other harnesses. Please scroll down to video to see for yourself  how different Dogplex is and why your calm traveller may be safer in a product from Benoxer than any other harness

Dogplex™ is the next generation of travel safety and exercise harness whilst still allowing your beloved pet free movement.
Premium quality, multi-attachment, durable, lightweight reflective edged harness for prioritising your animal’s welfare, comfort and safety.

Dog Harness
Up to 120″ Circular Belt
Attachment Arms
Glow In The Dark


The fully adjustable patented Dogplex™ car and exercise harness has been trialled and field tested and uses strength tested components, combining padded panels and webbing for extra comfort. Multi adjustment points increase safety, comfort and support when your animal needs it most in the car and exercising; intending to reduce pet and owner accident related injuries including whiplash, soft tissue and skeletal injuries.
Created with animal welfare in mind.

The Dogplex™ travel and exercise harness’ superior design uses multi attachment points assisting with balance, encouraging your dog to sit or lay down, remaining secure, supported and comfortable whilst traveling in a mobility scooter, car, boat, plane or campervan. Unlike standard single attachment point harnesses or cages, the Dogplex™ harness offers full adjustment and a bespoke fit for pets of differing shapes and sizes to fit the seat they are travelling on.
This harness offers more restraint than other harnesses, so your pet may need more time to adjust to the feeling of additional security of a multi-point attachment harness. Dogs have come to rely on the harness for support and as and aid to balance during travel once accustomed to the function of this harness. Always check fitting and adjustment when using this harness to ensure a correct fit for the size and height of the dog. Always replace the harness after heavy braking and long term use and wear.

YOUR VEHICLE (For calm travellers ONLY)
Accompanied by secure vehicle attachments, you choose whether your dog gets the whole or part of the back seat, or sits in the front next to you (Some owners have used the standard car seat fixing points used for child car seats as as attachment points). The Dogplex™ is suitable for exercise and travel by road, sea or air and is proving popular for use in camper van and caravan travel whilst reducing travel sickness for many animals. The Dogplex™ also offers support for ageing and infirm animals during exercise, injury and recuperation after surgery. Dogplex™ meets pet travel requirements including Highway Code regulations, police and insurance stipulations. Good news for pet owners to avoid fines up to £5,000 and 9 penalty points!

Secure the circular belt around circumference of the upright of the seat.
Clip each arm onto each of the two fixing points on the circular belt.
Ensure harness is comfortably fitted to dog.
Encourage dog to lay on seat to allow a more bespoke fitting to height whilst also allowing your dog to travel comfortably.
Clip each arm onto each side of the harness
Before travelling ensure circular belt has been tightened sufficiently so it does not move up or down the upright of the seat.

Do not let your dog turn in circles whilst using this travel and exercise harness in the car. If this happens, remove both restraining arms immediately until the dog is ready to travel calmly and remain in a sitting or laying position. Some animals take time to adjust to a more secure restraint design.

Never leave a dog alone whilst in the harness and attached.

Deactivate air bags especially if the harness is being used in the front seat and consider the positioning of the seats to prevent dogs coming into contact with seats, dashboards etc.

Always check the harness for wear and tear and replace when necessary or following an incident/collision etc.

During the start of the introductory offer and until further notice, these products will only be available to the UK from this website.
We are of course interested to speak to other organisations, rescues, centres, select product sellers etc, but please note our focus is to help animal welfare as far as we re able and will happily speak with those holding the same values.

Postage & Delivery:
All delivery dates are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. although Benoxer aims to send your product within 5 days of receiving your order, excluding public and National holidays, strikes, adverse weather conditions or other reasons beyond Benoxers control. Shipping From £4.99

We hope you and your animal friend will be very pleased with your item.
If there is anything wrong with a product from Benoxer we shall attempt to correct your purchase. Dogplex relies on manufacture so in the unlikely event you should suspect your item has a defect, please do let us know immediately.

We will offer an exchange for Dogplex products where appropriate and when purchased from Benoxer. You must notify us within 14 days of delivery if you wish to return your item. You must then return your items within 14 days of notification in original and unused condition complete with any packaging. For material and manufacturing defects. But our guarantee/warranty will not cover/include damage or defect etc, examples include caused by incorrect use, misuse or improper use of products. External damage such as modification, alteration or other interference (including attempts to eat or chew on these products!). Damage caused by use, wear and tear, washing/cleaning of equipment or during use in any kind of accident off/road. Incorrect order of size, change of mind, non-defect products. Any item must be returned including all components and parts, without having been used and returned in original packaging to be accepted for exchange.

On returning goods for an exchange, please ensure you include your order confirmation email and full details with your name, address, phone number, order number. We cannot replace items without this and you and your quad will surely have days out planned with places to see, and we don’t want to delay these good days.

Please note any refunds are minus all applicable costs including all postage. Refunds must be exceptional because we donate to causes via direct website purchase made. We therefore have to keep costs down to enable us to do this.

We shall endeavour to use the selected means of payment you used for your purchase as the one we refund less delivery and any other applicable charges, although other methods may be relied on e.g. credit voucher, bank transfer or cheque etc. To assist in this process please ensure you follow the same procedure & requirements applying to exchanges above.

We shall not share your information with third parties unless requested by law to do so. Information is used for interest and purchase of items ©

The additional items are sent with free delivery when purchased with a Benoxer harness and we will update the site for current sitewide discount applies and to which/all items.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't put a price on safety! great quality! I bought this as a gift to a friend who has been struggling to find a safety harness that fits her dog (a labradoodle) properly. This worked a charm and my friend is thrilled! It is fully adjustable and her dog doesnt seem to mind it at all or tried to chew it off, and after a short time, she hasnt tried to come out of it as she has every other harness. She uses it for both car and exercise. Great product and well worth the money!
- Av. C

Excellent harness. Its strong and reliable but most of all keeps Sasha in one place in the car which is no mean feat for a German Shepherd who gets excited. Strongly recommend
- Andy

Biscuit had a single point harness that attached to the seat belt that would always extend too far before it locked so he would half fall off the seat and get pulled around on his neck and back area. This harness is so much better, less faffing about getting it attached and so much safer when braking as the harness does the work and he stays on the seat. He leans on the arms to balance when he goes around corners - cute!!!! I love this harness. Thank you Benoxer
- Jo

excellent harness realy strong held my rottweiler adjustability very easy not expensive for superb quality
- barry c

Great all round harness, my fur baby is safe and happy in the car, he can move enough to get comfortable but not enough to fall off the seat and padded enough for walkies !!! Definitely recommend to all fur parents
- Debbie

There are other dog travel/exercise harnesses on the market, but in my opinion this is the safest option I have tried. Easy to use, great materials and suited my dog Stanley perfectly. Strongly recommend
- David

There are other dog travel/exercise harnesses on the market, but in my opinion this is the safest option I have tried. Easy to use, great materials and suited my dog Stanley perfectly. Strongly recommend
- David

Excellent product, well constructed and thought out. Lily is a nervous traveller and this harness keeps her securely and safely in one spot. Would recommend 100%.
- Roy

This is a great buy for my Staffy Tazzy. What was more impressive was during an emergency stop Tazzy didn't fly off the seat and was certainly a lot calmer than I was. Very pleased if I am honest.
- Susan

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