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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't put a price on safety! great quality! I bought this as a gift to a friend who has been struggling to find a safety harness that fits her dog (a labradoodle) properly. This worked a charm and my friend is thrilled! It is fully adjustable and her dog doesnt seem to mind it at all or tried to chew it off, and after a short time, she hasnt tried to come out of it as she has every other harness. She uses it for both car and exercise. Great product and well worth the money!
- Av. C

Excellent harness. Its strong and reliable but most of all keeps Sasha in one place in the car which is no mean feat for a German Shepherd who gets excited. Strongly recommend
- Andy

Biscuit had a single point harness that attached to the seat belt that would always extend too far before it locked so he would half fall off the seat and get pulled around on his neck and back area. This harness is so much better, less faffing about getting it attached and so much safer when braking as the harness does the work and he stays on the seat. He leans on the arms to balance when he goes around corners - cute!!!! I love this harness. Thank you Benoxer
- Jo

excellent harness realy strong held my rottweiler adjustability very easy not expensive for superb quality
- barry c

Great all round harness, my fur baby is safe and happy in the car, he can move enough to get comfortable but not enough to fall off the seat and padded enough for walkies !!! Definitely recommend to all fur parents
- Debbie

This is a great buy for my Staffy Tazzy. What was more impressive was during an emergency stop Tazzy didn't fly off the seat and was certainly a lot calmer than I was. Very pleased if I am honest.
- Susan

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